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for What Does Somebody Have To Do To Get A Job Around Here?

"Cynthia Shapiro puts you on the inside track to getting the job of your dreams - without the nightmares. If you want to compete with confidence, this is the only job search book you need."
-Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., author of Nice Girls Don't Get The Corner Office and See Jane Lead

"Startling! This edgy, eye-opening book tells it like it is and reveals surprising secrets that will help you land the job of your dreams. It's the best investment you can make on behalf of your career."
-Sam Horn, author of POP! Stand Out In Any Crowd

"You can't get on the fast track if you can't get in the door. This book shares the hidden snares and insider secrets that will give job seekers the edge they've been looking for."
-Anne Fisher, "Ask Annie" columnist for FORTUNE and CNN Money, author of If My Career's On The Fast Track, Where Do I Get A Road Map?

"There's nothing like insider secrets to give you an edge over the competition, and when it comes to getting the top jobs, Cynthia Shapiro knows her stuff! This book will change the way you view job searching forever. Stop settling for less and go for the best."
-Barbara Stanny, author of Secrets Of Six Figure Women

"Cynthia's insights into the job search process are invaluable. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned professional, her insider tips will show you how to supercharge your job search and get the jobs you want."
-Penelope Trunk, columnist for The Boston Globe and Yahoo! Finance, author of Brazen Careerist: The New Rules For Success

"Applying for a job is the most important game you will ever play, but employers keep the rules secret. Shapiro reveals how hiring decisions are really made, and gives you the map you need to get through this mine field safely."
-Lewis Maltby, President of the National WorkRights Institute

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