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"Cynthia has changed my life. I was able to start my dream career in one of the most sought-after firms in the industry – thanks to her help every step along the way: from searches, interviews, benefit and salary negotiations, to cross-country management tips. Here attention is personal and undivided; her advice, unique and effective. Yes, I have become addicted to her insights! She is like a candle in the dark that lights up the possibilities, and an angel who is behind me all the way. We always remember the few people who make a true difference in our lives – Cynthia is one of them in mine – let her be yours!" -WC, Harvard PhD, London

"Cynthia is very personable, practical, and professional in her approach to career management! She is always within reach by phone or email, and responds quickly and with great detail, a rarity in today's "smash-and-grab" consulting world in which most consultants take your money and give very little. Finally, her fee structure is reasonable, and business acumen regarding both hard and soft skills is considerable. Would recommend her to anyone!" –RE, Financial Industry, Chicago

"Cynthia is worth her weight in gold. Honestly. Cynthia's insight and knowledge about the hiring process will have you thanking your lucky stars for having discovered such a gem. Cynthia is straightforward, effective, patient, responsive, caring, and most importantly, dedicated to helping you find your dream job. After all, that's what she did for me. I highly recommend and respect Cynthia." -JL, Marketing Director, Florida

"There comes a time in your career when you can no longer do it alone. Particularly in this current economic climate, the cards are stacked against the average employee. Fortunately, we now have someone we can turn to. With a rare combination of expertise, wisdom, and compassion; Cynthia has what it takes to remove the barriers to career success. I consider myself fortunate to have her on my side. She has brought humanity back into human resources." -FA, Producer, San Francisco

"In the business world we have those who look for the bad in each of us, looking for the slightest detail that could prevent you from getting that dream position. Throughout the darkness and murk of this business world, the light that clears the way IS Cynthia Shapiro. Cynthia not only aids you in making sure that you look the best with your resume and cover letter, but places herself as a friend by your side, and an angel on your shoulder. The more time I spent with her creating my resume the more I felt my confidence grow. Working with Cynthia allowed my resume to be viewed and responded to 10 times more than it had prior to working with her. She took the time to point out the good the bad and the ugly, working with my information the way some people work with paints or clay, she is indeed more of an artist in this way than a business woman. Overall, Cynthia's passion to help me find work poured from her, it wasn't fake, it wasn't pity, it was true, down to the bone passion for what she does, and what she does is help people look outstanding so they can find the job of their dreams. The first impression is your cover letter and resume, and Cynthia made me feel like a president in that regard. There is no greater thanks I can give than this written testimonial, and even this does not do the justice it should. I recommend her to everyone I know and will do so from this day forward. She is the one and only source I recommend for your success at job hunting. No matter your level, no matter your profession, Cynthia Shapiro is the answer to your prayers." -DP, Financial Analyst, Boston MA

"Working with Cynthia has been such a positive experience for me. Her books, 'What Does Someone Have To Do To Get A Job Around Here' and 'Corporate Confidential' are hands-down the go-to reference books for job hunters. She will give you the inside scoop that no one else will, and will give you expert advice on how to fine-tune your resume and cover letters, and any other areas of concern in your job search. She is approachable and has always been available when I need her assistance. I would highly recommend her to anyone embarking on the search for a position in these difficult economic times; her advice and assistance will make all the difference." -SM, Business Development, Washington

"I must sing your praises and let you know I'm getting an excellent hit ratio on the resume's I've been sending out to targeted companies. I couldn't be more pleased with the responses I've been getting. I know it's due to your invaluable assistance in positioning my strengths and talents in the most favorable light to prospective employers. Thank you again. And your book, Corporate Confidential. It's a MUCH NEEDED survival guide to staying gainfully employed in what can often be a hostile job environment. Sadly, I see myself in so many pages of your book. However, I am resolved to not repeat those same mistakes in the future." –TS, California

"Cynthia is hands-down one of the best Human Resources professionals I've had the opportunity to work with. Her advice, suggestions are always absolutely on point. Dedication and attention to detail are two of the many characteristics she possesses, and she excels at putting them to work for the great benefit of those who solicit her asistance. I'm fortunate to have been one of those, and it was one the wisest business decisions I ever made." –FO, Computer Industry, San Francisco

"Faulkner said he wanted to fit the entire world into a sentence, Cynthia routinely creates an entire universe with a few words in her writings and instructions. Her insight and great sense of humor were invaluable during my career transition." –RF, Engineer, Dallas

"Cynthia's insights into Corporate America and global business are priceless. Her tremendous ability to communicate vital insights, and provide personalized coaching, has helped me greatly in my career and in my life. Furthermore, her ability to understand and anticipate scenarios crucial to professional success, and provide a personalized plan, is amazing, I am very grateful to Cynthia for all her help. I whole-heartedly believe every person in the workforce would greatly benefit from Cynthia's Guidance." -CB, Washington

"Working with Cynthia is like having a secret weapon for career success." -BS, California

"You won't find this anywhere else. Cynthia's insights are eye-opening, powerful and spot on… the most important asset any career could have. Do yourself a favor and call her now." -DT, Michigan

"I got more out of one hour with Cynthia than I've been able to do on my own in the last six years. Her insights are brilliant and I personally will never try to manage my business without her again." -RJ, California

"Cynthia is a gem. I feel like I've spent my entire career wondering what to do and where to turn, feeling like a victim of corporate politics, but not anymore. Cynthia helped me become a power player. I have no stress anymore because I know exactly what to do when I have a question or something worrisome comes up – call Cynthia." -CS, California

"I feel strong as the professional and the candidate for a job I was looking for, but surprisingly I was not getting invitations to the interviews. The reason is that I immigrated from a country where job search happens in a different way and my previous experience could not be used. The way I express myself in English is also not what prospective employers in the USA are expecting for. Cynthia helped me to find right strategy and writing style for my job search portfolio. I got attention from prospective employers. After Cynthia’s help I feel confident and competitive in the search for my dream job. I got attention from prospective employers and I was happy to get dream job in my area of search." –TB, Educator, Los Angeles

"Cynthia proved to be a fantastic resource with regard to updating and upgrading my resume. Whether it be resume retooling or interviewing advice, her wisdom and insights on how to present your strengths in the best possible way as part of the job search have been invaluable to me. Therefore, it is not only my pleasure but I feel it to be my professional obligation to highly recommend Cynthia as an outstanding career coach to anyone seeking this type of service." –MG, Project Management, New York

"Cynthia is a professional, dedicated and caring career/life coach. She takes the time to listen to you and provides positive solutions that are in your best interest. Cynthia has an encouraging and pleasant attitude about her which makes for a great experience. I would highly recommend Cynthia; she is a wonderful career/life coach and has helped me in so many ways. I have learned so much from her and her book What Does Somebody Have To Do To Get A Job Around Here? is an eye opener and a must read." –MDS, Account Executive, Los Angeles

"Unlike any other career development book I have read, Cynthia's What Does Somebody Have to Do to Get a Job Around Here? reveals powerful insights and tools to help a layperson understand the language and dynamics at play in Corporate America and how to compete with confidence and achieve one's goals. The lessons learned here have had such an impact that I have personally sought Cynthia's strategic advice and guidance to sift through my working experience and skills, to create a stronger imprint of my unique brand, to realize more fully the possibilities that exist. Cynthia is not only an expert in her field, top-notch in every aspect, but a kind and approachable person. She is very dedicated to her work and takes the time to get to know you and your background. I can say, through my experience, that she truly wants to help people achieve their career goals through honest conversation and reflection, always delivered with a gentle manner and approach. Her books are a must read and her coaching is invaluable and empowering." –JS, Lawyer, Seattle

"Reading Cynthia Shapiro’s book, What Does Somebody Have to Do to Get a Job Around Here, provided some amazing and informative information that was extremely helpful with my own career search; however, I wanted to dig deeper! Cynthia helped to fine tune my resume and prepared a more defining branding statement. My conversations with Cynthia have opened my eyes and helped me to realize what I have accomplished in my career and have more confidence which will translate in my interviewing process. Cynthia’s knowledge and experience has been a great asset to me, and I am certainly glad she decided to change her career path and share her insights with others." –BK, Recruiter, Texas

"My first exposure to Cynthia was by reading her Book "What Does Somebody Have To Do To Get A Job Around Here? I found it to be a very good read and her insights were perfectly aligned to my experience with the job search and hiring process. I then worked with Cynthia to assist in further developing and refining my personal brand, written presentation and interview techniques. With her invaluable help I was able to develop a very good written presentation and focused and strong interview techniques. I give Cynthia my highest professional recommendation for anyone wishing to advance their careers or pursue their dream job." –SL, Business Consulting Industry, New York

"Working with Cynthia has been such a rewarding experience on so many levels. First of all, I now have a dynamic resume and cover letter which highlights my strengths and accomplishments. The first response I got from a friend was: "Did you know you were this good?" The answer was no. But, thanks to Cynthia, now I do. Because working with Cynthia has given me confidence in my experience and has made me excited, for the first time that I can remember, about my career and where it is going. I am not where I want to be yet, but with Cynthia’s help, I finally feel that I am moving in the right direction, and am closer to my goals than I had realized." –BK, Human Resources, Florida

"As the saying goes, when one door shuts, another one opens. Life is even better when Cynthia is holding that door open for you. While exploring what I wanted to do next in my professional life, a neighbor called me and suggested I view a clip of a career expert he recorded on CNN. After watching Cynthia, I was so inspired I wrote to her and was pleasantly surprised to get a call from her. That was the start of an amazing journey for me. Through a very non-judgmental and forward-looking process Cynthia helped me uncover and draw attention to my highest talents and strengths in ways I never thought possible. She spent a great amount of care and time to get to know me as a person, not just a client. The outcome was a "career makeover" that was life changing. Working with her has brightened my outlook on the present, and helped me put a laser focus on what I will do with the rest of my working life. I refer to her books often, they are essential reading for how to stay alive in not only Corporate America, but in any job. They are also my "go-to" gifts for friends that are in job transition or crisis." –AS, Computer Industry, San Francisco

"Cynthia Shapiro has been my #1 secret weapon for surviving and succeeding in Corporate America. She has provided me with excellent, much needed tools and action plans not only to change the way I saw myself and my work environment, but to also change how others saw and treated me. I have advanced 3 career levels in the last 3 years that I have been working with Cynthia and now have the confidence to take on the risks and welcome the challenges ahead. I highly recommend Cynthia's services to anyone who feels lost, left behind, kept down or just needs a "reality check" in their career, and appreciate her on-going support and availability. Her book, Corporate Confidential, is also a must read!" –DH, Entertainment Industry, Los Angeles

"I highly recommend Cynthia Shapiro as a world renowned author and business partner. I came to a point in my career where I found myself giving up until I discovered her book "Corporate Confidential". What a master piece on how to help people grow within their company; and life lessons overall. Could not put the book down. Her book changed my life and career; the way I was thinking, acting and what I thought I knew regarding corporate politics. Cynthia has TALENT+PASSION which = A Talent-Plus Person. I have never met such a high level executive who cares so much about people. She is "Customer" focused and a master communicator. Should anyone need additional proof of her skills; they can be found in the books she has written. My only regret is that I hadn't met Cynthia Shapiro 20 years earlier." –DK, Defense & Space Industry, California

"Cynthia is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to advance their career. She has the unique ability to tell you exactly what recruiters are thinking and how to powerfully position yourself to get their attention. Cynthia helped me develop effective strategies to not only get a job but the job I want. I highly recommend Cynthia to anyone who's looking to crack the corporate hiring code and position themselves to get the job they are looking for." –KS, Financial Industry, Los Angeles

"Cynthia's expertise has saved the day for both myself and my husband on more than one occasion. Her guidance on career issues has prevented missteps and helped us navigate tricky situations on several key issues. We will continue to return to Cynthia when faced with situations that call for expert guidance in the ever-changing world of working in America." –MC, Healthcare Industry, Boston

"Cynthia is one of the most reliable and detailed writers I have worked with and, most importantly, she knows her stuff and knows how to communicate it to those who need to hear it in a way that's not only beneficial, but also fun to learn. I hope to continue to work together for a long time to come." –JF, New York

"Cynthia is a great resource for any and all questions about the corporate world. She helped me throughout the process of finding my first job after I graduated from college. Her answers to all of my questions were invaluable; I don't know what I would have done without her expertise! I would highly recommend Cynthia to anyone; whether it's your first job or you are interested in switching careers, Cynthia is the one to call." –MD, Business Analyst, Seattle

"Hands down, when I need consultation I go to Cynthia Shapiro. She always provides the most accurate and beneficial results through her vast knowledge of the corporate industry, complete comprehension and adaptation into my specific situation, and a clear path for me to take both short and long-term." –BS, Washington DC

"I attended a seminar where you were the main keynote speaker. I had to write you to say how much I enjoyed your talk and the way you managed the Q&A session. You’re full of useful insights that are aligned with my own values. It was a refreshing evening that has helped me make valuable changes. I wish you much success with your latest book." -JQ, New York

"I was in the audience at one of your speaking events and I must tell you it was the best, most positive, and most informative event I’ve ever attended. I thought your speech was so targeted, pragmatic, and real. Your message came through loud and clear and my career path is different today because of it. Going to that event was the best decision I’ve made for my career future. Thank you." -LP, New York

"I first had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia when she was the keynote speaker for an evening program sponsored by the Metro Chapter of the Healthcare Businesswoman’s Association. My first thoughts were how easy it was to contact her; how approachable she was and how willing she was to accommodate our topic and our schedule. Her comfortable style continued to unfold when we personally met to discuss the creation of the program content and direction. Her talk was a great success. Cynthia was motivating and her content was presented in a very engaging and enjoyable manner. We received overwhelming feedback regarding critical business approaches that the participants were able to immediately implement in their professional lives. I hope to continue a dialogue with Cynthia regarding my personal professional direction and goals. I am sure it will be rewarding both personally and professionally" –LM, Healthcare industry, New York

"I thought your keynote speech was so targeted, pragmatic, and real, your message came through loud and clear. It was the best, most inspiring and informative talk I've been to in many years. Thank you." -LP, Los Angeles

"Dear Ms. Shapiro, I wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your book, What Does Somebody Have To Do To Get A Job Around Here? So many other Career Counselors say things that sound good in theory, and would work if the system was fair and logical and all people had integrity and good manners. Your insider secrets admit that there are so many other things that are outside of our control. My favorite part of the whole book is page 135, insider secret 22 calling to 'follow up' will cost you the job. That is the most useful advice and it amazes me that no one else says it. Thank you for telling it like it is... Thanks again for writing a modern, honest book." -AK, Office Administrator, New York

"Corporate Confidential has been my bible since I read it early in my career, and I credit it mostly for the success I have achieved. Thank you for writing it and for sharing the unspoken rules!!!" -SA, Corporate Recruiter, New York

"I've read Cynthia's second book twice and used it as a reference many times. It is literally the modern-day reference for job searching. I got it after I graduated from college and it has helped me since. I am now reading her first book. Thanks again!" -CS, Engineer, New Orleans

"Your book "Corporate Confidential" is the single best book on business I have ever read. I believe it is essential reading for anyone working at a company. You have done the public a world of good." -JR, Attorney, East Coast

"A fabulous book. I highlighted almost every word on every page! No kidding! Shocking that after 20 years in my profession, Cynthia’s books still taught me so much. This is a must read!" - GT, Telecommunications Industry, San Francisco

"I needed to say THANK YOU for your 2 wonderful books. I believe these books should be pressed into the hands of every university graduate! After 20 years working in the banking/financial field, I feel much better prepared for the next phase of my career with your insights." –TD, Toronto

"You tell it like it is, and I so agree with each statement of fact/myth/insider secret you reveal in your book. I’ve been a career coach for 20 years and while some things have changed, the personal touch, common sense and the indisputable fact that business is much like competitive sports have not changed. I refer to your book often while working with clients and will certainly buy your other books as well. Thanks for reinforcing in print, the most important ways to get noticed by a company. Thanks again, for telling it like it is - with gusto. –KS, Career Coach & on-air talk show host, Oklahoma

"I am a big fan of your book. It’s by fare one of the best books I have ever read, straight to the point, easy to read and packed with useful information. Thank you! You owe it to yourself to share this knowledge with others and you deserve to be on the best seller lists." -GK, Hong Kong

"Cynthia's books are easy to grasp and help put you in the driver's seat of your job search. Her can-do attitude is infectious and has greatly helped me personally to achieve my career goals. Her advice and insight are invaluable. Thanks" –JC, Marketing, Boston

"I cannot thank you enough for writing your book "Corporate Confidential." It has opened my eyes and changed my life. Your book has now taken on cult status at my Fortune 100 company {name withheld}. Everytime I show it to people, they won’t give it back. Everyone is talking about it, and I’ve had to buy 10 copies already. I want to thank you for writing such an incredible, life changing book. Thank you!" -LA, Tennessee

"I recently received your book, Corporate Confidential, and inhaled it in one sitting. I enjoyed your straightforward presentation and it was an eye opener. I have been in an a job I did not enjoy for a while and needed this refresher. Thank you for sharing your insights through your books." -LP, Minnesota

"I am translator of Chinese edition of "44 Insider Secrets." This is not usual, but I feel compel to write to say now that translating is drawing to the end, I must give my highest best regards to the author. I believe after the pulication of this excellent book in China, many Chinese people will benefit a lot from her powerful advices to employee. My sincerest best regards." -YB, Beijing

"Buying and reading "Corporate Confidential" can probably be the most important step to being successful on the job (other than graduating school), and probably save you endless grief at work. Most career books I’ve read beat around the bush and don’t tell you directly what the score is. Not the author, Ms. Shapiro, who will get to the point and get you up to speed in time for you to do something about it. The author has done a real public service writing this book because she had the courage to tell working men and women what they really need to know for the job instead of the usual platitudes. I have not found any other career book that reveals the critical information you need to know right now for work based on the author’s inside knowledge in human resources. The investment in purchasing the book will probably be returned many times over in the form of salary, bonuses, and respect on the job, i.e. power and prestige in the office. "Corporate Confidential" will probably help you navigate company politics, your boss, your co-workers, and any potential ‘termination engineers’ in human resources. I have read this book once and plan to read it again because it is that good and that important." –JR, legal industry, Michigan

"I want to thank you for writing both of your books. They have been life changing to me and my career. Never have I gained so much from a book. I was recently laid off and used both of your books to get 3 jobs offers in a month and a half. I currently have a new job and love what I’m doing. Thank you for such great and practical advice." -DB, Computer Industry, Tennessee

"I have just read Cynthia Shapiro’s 2 books "Corporate Confidential" and "What Does Somebody Have To Do To Get A Job Around Here?" and I have been really delighted. Insightful, very informative, these books are also fun to read and provide a wealth of information on how corporations function, what they value and also what they exclude. Without being neither indulgent nor cynical, Mrs Shapiro presents the system just how it is (ie. often unfair) and provides to employees and candidates (precious) insiders tips to ease their way through. I believe each of these books is a must-read, and would bring helpful information to young people starting their career just as to much more experienced individuals. I would warmly and strongly recommend these refreshing books, which are to my knowledge without equivalent. -AP, Computer Industry, Paris

"THANK YOU!! I’m a recruiter with 25 years experience. I’m in the midst of reading your book. I just changed my resume based on your suggestions 2 days ago and the response has already been amazing. Great advice, well written, & I’ll be recommending your book to ALL my candidates!" -MF, Corporate Recruiter, Denver

"I felt privileged to be able to gain insights from your book "Corporate Confidential"– it really opened my eyes and transformed my perspectives of the Corporate World! Thanks so much." -JH, Management Consultant, Boston

"Since being in transition this year, I’ve had the opportunity to purchase and read countless books on employment search. But, I can tell you with certainty that your book "What does someone Have To Do To Get A Job Around Here?" is far and away the best in the market. It’s now my reference tool. You are the authority on job search! Thank you a lot." -ABR, Environmental Industry, South Carolina

"Corporate Confidential is one of the best books I’ve every owned - hands down. " -DM, Texas

"I've had the opportunity to purchase and read countless books on employment search. But, I can tell you with certainty that your book 'What Does Someone Have To Do To Get A Job Around Here' is far-and-away the best in the market. It's now my reference tool You are the authority on job search!" -AR, Executive VP, So. Carolina

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