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Download Cynthia's latest radio interview podcasts, and listen directly on your iPod or other "MP3" player. There will be a new downloadable podcast each month.

Podcast Subscriber Options

Mac & PC iTunes Only Users: click for Podcasts . (Get Apple's iTunes)

Smart Browsers & RSS/ATOMIC Feed Users: click for Podcasts .

Enter "" into your Podcast feed reading application as your feed subscription URL.

Search online podcast libraries for Cynthia's podcasts and follow their instructions.

Podcasting Information

What is "Podcasting"?
A user can subscribe to a podcast by using audio software that is capable of supporting "RSS" or "ATOMIC." There are many pieces of software out there that will do this for you on both a "PC" and a "Mac." One such piece of software available on both platforms is "iTunes" which you can find at the following link (Click Here).

If you have iTunes or are using a smart browser, just click one of the links we have provided above and it will show you all of Cynthia's currently available podcasts. iTunes subscribes you automatically (You can change that yourself as you desire). After using iTunes (or another audio software application) to subscribe to a Podcast's feed, you will receive any new audio files automatically. Be aware that when using smart browsers, you can't subscribe, you can only listen as each becomes available.

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